Local Politics is Social

What I’ve come to realize after living here in Austin and being an active member of the community is that politics on the local level are all social. It’s about being with each other, building lasting relationships, enjoying each other’s company, and sharing what we have with who we know.

One thing I love about Austenite’s is how tight knit everyone is these days. It lightens my heart seeing people working together and supporting won another.

So spirit of collaboration and mutual support is what I want to share with the rest of the city!

The tech I’m hacking on away on is all about opening up communities, finding what you need, sharing what you have, and getting the job done~

04.17.11 Alberto Martínez AMERICAN-STATESMAN — Ali and John ride into Austin from Houston in the MS150, and Edie and her garden crew have a celebration.

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We are a company who together are setting forth to build a digital democracy and global forum. The world is uniting and we are here as the technology backbone to make it all possible~! #Peace #Love & #Victory

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