Introducing the Post-Industrial Era

When we think of industry we imagine images of massive factories, polluted skies, and environmental degradation and in our own lives we can see what the impact of the industrial era has been.

Today we are moving towards the Post-Industrial era where instead of massive factories we are pioneering localized industry with 3D printers, urban farming, and digital networks.


Why does this have an impact on you?

How can you get involved in growing your own food, producing what you need yourself, and joining forces with your community to lead change from within your own city?

These are some of the core driving concepts around the post-industrial era and the future markets and cultural exchanges that we are already witnessing popup around the country. There is growing reliance on digital communication, 3D printing is growing in use and more hacker and maker spaces are opening their doors to people of all ages who have a passion for creating something out of nothing or re-purposing the old into the new are signing up!

What we’re seeing more and more of these days are people who have made the decision to form local working groups and begin working cooperatively to create new beds for raising crops, and coming together on the weekends at farmer’s markets. All of this being done in cities like Austin and Detroit that are exhibiting signs of new life.

So when we ask ourselves the question, how do we get involved in the Post-Industrial economy and what impact will it have on us, the simple answer is we are already in the Post-Industrial Economy.


Before we get on to spaceships and star travel we still have to address the day to day needs we all face here on the surface of the planet.

First, we have to address the reality of our situation – the global economy has collapsed.

Since 2008 the market driven economy that was already inflated through speculation and a real estate bubble built on fragile securities collapsed and has undergone a recovery cycle, but while the core fundamentals and marketplace health indicators are still weak – people don’t have money to spend and work is becoming more scarce as time goes on.

A huge majority of the world is in civil uprising or war. In America there is a sense of stability, but that too is changing and increasingly focused on economic development and recovery.

What people need are jobs.

As the market undergoes a collapse of traditional manufacturing and financial institutions struggle to maintain the illusion of recovery, it’s time to focus on the fundamentals of building a healthy market economy.


That’s what were all about here on this blog.

Helping you find new paths forward! 





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